Quality is the lifeblood of business. Branding means responsibility.

At Din Tai Fung "quality is the lifeblood of business" is more than just a slogan. We aim to treat our customers like family by delivering the highest quality cuisine possible. We refuse to accept substandard ingredients and we refuse to serve substandard cuisine. Our goal is to become a home away from home for each and every one of our customers.

Quality Control

All of our dishes and raw ingredients are regularly tested for compliance with national food safety standards published by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, including tests by certified third parties. Raw ingredients undergo testing for pesticide residue and microorganisms, as well as chemical analysis, in order to ensure that only the safest and highest quality dishes ever reach the table.

Analysis and Testing

Pesticide Residue Testing

Regular pesticide residue testing of raw ingredients


Testing for microorganisms and other biological contaminants

Acidity Test

Organic acid content testing

Water Activity Testing

Water activity measurement of food products


The Din Tai Fung Head Office and Central Kitchen are both ISO 22000 and HACCP certified. These certifications demonstrate our continued commitment to Din Tai Fung's philosophy of "branding means responsibility" and "quality is the lifeblood of business." Paying careful attention to the details every step of the way is that we do things at Din Tai Fung.

Ingredients and Dish Test Reports


Selection of Ingredients

Are you eating food? Or merely 'food products?' In the restaurant industry, food and its impact on health is something that we think about often. Food should be nutritious. After all, it is one of the building blocks of good health. We use only natural, carefully selected ingredients, and this is one of our promises to our customers. We also only use non-GMO soybeans. Our brewed soy sauce and rice vinegar are made by contracted manufacturers who are regularly inspected for quality and food safety. Every year we also regularly work with third parties to test our various raw ingredients. Our beliefs on what constitutes good food are what drives us to provide our customers with the safest, healthiest choices possible.

Safe Ingredients

  • Certification/Source
  • Ingredients
  • Certified Organic
  • King Oyster Mushrooms, Brown Beech Mushroom, White Beech Mushroom
  • Traceable Products
  • Leaf vegetables
  • Non-GMO
  • Soy products
  • No Preservatives
  • Rice Vinegar, brewed soy sauce
  • Din Tai Fung Central Kitchen
  • Pork fat

Supply Chain Management

In order to serve our customers the best, raw ingredients must undergo strict quality control checks before being considered. Our in-house quality control officers make use of international food safety management systems and standards from the Ministry of Health and Welfare to ensure that suppliers are in compliance. After an initial review of documents submitted by suppliers, our quality control officers will visit the production site for further inspection of production processes, hygiene practices, food safety risk, and other items. Only those suppliers who meet or exceed our standards will be selected to become official suppliers, and even afterward they will undergo regular evaluations.

Dish Information and FAQ

Your concerns are our concerns. Below is information for vegetarians and those with allergens. We have also provided the answers to several frequently asked questions, and we hope that this information can help you get to know our menu a bit better.


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